Investing in technology

Generating electricity: With years of experience in project development and solutions in the power generation segment, Grameyer has global prominence due to its high technological level.
With a highly competent staff and ongoing training, seeks to improve its product line so constantly providing qualified and innovative solutions.
Meets the demand of their customers by offering projects directed exclusively to providing electrical systems, ensuring high quality and efficiency of its products.

Plant Sugar and Alcohol: With a complete portfolio of solutions, offers products and services that meet the need of customers from the management of the flow of matter – material to the final product. It also features fully optimized processes through integrated able to reduce implementation costs, application and maintenance solutions.

Industrial automation: Constantly working to improve industrial production, offers complete solutions for high technology, developing and performing the entire process of industrial automation. Comprises the main technological features of manufacturing and processing industries, optimizing processes needed for customers.

Aviation: Your line of work goes even further. Based on digital signal processing, Grameyer developed equipment designed to supply aircraft when on the ground. Becoming thus also present in the aviation branch being the only Brazilian company to produce this equipment.

Solar: Solar energy is proving a major investment for the future, so Grameyer integrated solutions for control and for generating solar energy.