Active for over 30 years in the market.

In a global market turns everything from availability in electricity. This raw material and its different forms of capture, generation and control are vital factors for the development of all sizes and lines of business enterprises.
27 years in the active product and technology solutions for power generation market. The Grameyer is a genuinely Brazilian company located in Schroeder, northern Santa Catarina, the largest industrial center of the state.
The synergy between people and technology is what makes the Grameyer a company committed to its customers, partners, suppliers and the communities in which it operates now.
The talent of its professionals, brings Grameyer international recognition for their products and services crossing the border every continent working in a gradual and sustained manner, increasingly consolidating their success.
With its highly specialized team, performs software development and hardware for various branches of industry, offering safety and wisdom with products that meet the needs in a personalized way of its customers.
The Grameyer achieved success by competence, solides and ability to establish relationships based on mutual trust, accountability and above all, ethics.