Publicação PCH on Power Grid Portal 2012

29/11/2012 – Container with Integrated PCH is featured in the Grameyer Powergrid Brazil 2012

Container installed in the work pchPara who is keeping track of new alternatives and solutions to the electricity market, the 2nd edition of Powergrid Brazil, which takes place between 27th and 29th November will be an important showcase for the companies that operate in the sector . The Grameyer Electronic Equipment, for example, has secured its place in the Friday event and brings a novelty that promises to impress visitors.

Anyone passing by the company’s booth, will confer on PCH Integrated Container. This concept is an innovation for the construction and rehabilitation of SHP (Small Hydro Power). “All electrical equipment is installed in a container, allowing the installation and testing of equipment are made in a factory environment. Thus, it is possible to have a greater quality control and full operation of all components, since the field installation of the container will estramemente quick plug and play manner, ie, connect and startar “says Gilson Maske, consultant Grameyer sales.

According to Maske, using the Integrated Container PCH in the civil work of a SHP decreases significantly, because, she dispenses all the setbacks inherent in masonry projects. “It just requires a concrete base to support the container, which is structurally self-supporting, with proven stiffness, in addition to great advantage is to anticipate the entry operation targeting financial return in order to enable the enterprise,” adds consultant vendas.pch in container
The Grameyer still brings Powergrid several other items of its portfolio, as control systems, excitement, speed, timing and protection; automation, supervision and operation centers systems; industrial automation; LV and MV switchgear (partially and fully tested); 13.8 to 220kV substations; GSPU (static power converter for aircraft); regulators for analog and digital voltage; speed governors; timing relays; relays transfer; rectifiers / battery chargers; multifunction relays; between internal outros.Foto Container PCH

About Grameyer
The Grameyer is a company specializing in providing equipment and solutions for the power generation segment, serving from hydroelectric, thermoelectric, photovoltaic and wind energy companies, to agribusiness and industrial plants. Founded in 1986, develops projects for the needs of clients, and specializes in CGHs, power plants, hydropower plants and modernizations and retrofits.