Integrated Speed, Voltage and Synchronism System GRTD-2000

It is a microprocessed digital equipment whose function is to control synchronous machines. The flexibility in adjusting the parameters and topology of the assembly associated with the possibility of creating logical functions, allows its use in a wide range of applications.

For excitation currents up to 15A, there is the option of using the built-in power module (GPRI2000-15), using IGBT technology. It also allows controlling external power modules with topologies using IGBT or thyristor.

GRTD-2000 has several functions and logic blocks.

VOLTAGE REGULATOR: This logic block implements the function of a voltage regulator having several control modes, alarm limiters, providing a complete solution for the control of synchronous machines.

SPEED REGULATOR: This logic block implements the function of a speed regulator having several control modes and can also be used for speed control of Kaplan turbines, where one of the outputs controls the opening of the distributor and another the angle of attack of the rotor blades.

SYNCHRONISM: The GRTD-2000 has a logic block that implements the function of synchroscope that allows to make the synchronism of machine with the bus bar where it will be connected.