Voltage Regulator Analog GRTA-2


The voltage regulator GRTA-2 is a compact, ultra-high reliability rugged equipment. Applicable in small generators or portable, with or without auxiliary coil.

Developed with the very latest in technology for analog voltage regulators.

His control circuit uses semiconductors and regulation tested to the strictest quality standards.

Has no mechanical components for priming and your system is fully static and encapsulated in resin to salt air and vibration and can withstand vibrations of up to 50mm / s. Its design is suitable for direct application to the coupling of the generator with a half moon shape, as models of regulators who comes in original factory small generators or portable. The basis of this product is an aluminum to aid in heat dissipation and has excellent mechanical strength.

Excitation voltage: Vs = Va x 0.45 (Vs = output voltage and power supply voltage Va =.