Digital Voltage Regulator – GRTD-2000


This equipment is intended for the excitation of synchronous machines in general, having a simple and compact arrangement, has the ability to integrate the functions of voltage regulator, speed regulator and relay timing. Power electronics can come directly from the power supply, similar to what occurs in the analog regulators.

The digital voltage regulator, microprocessor whose function is to control the excitation of synchronous machines. The flexibility in adjusting the parameters and topology of the assembly, together with the possibility of creating logic functions allows its use in a wide range of applications. For excitation currents up to 15A, has the option of using the built-in power (GPRI2000-15) module using -If the IGBT.

Command also allows external power module topologies using IGBT or thyristor.

Has Ethernet communication port and record events and recorded oscillograms (SD card).

Speed ​​control for type turbines: Francis, Kaplan and Pelton.

Features and functions:

Manual control of field voltage, field current and firing angle of the power module.

Automatic control of the armature voltage.

Negative droop compensation for line drop.

Control of power factor.

Reactive power control.

Power system stabilizer – PSS.

Automatic Escorvameto the match and can reapply it during normal operation if the voltage falls below the setpoint value.

Possibility of dual channel operation.

Option to operate with embedded or separate power module.

Clock with possibility to sync with GPS sitema via IRIG-B.

Digital record of events written to the SD type memory card.

Oscillographic record, recorded on the SD type memory card.

Ramp up / Adjustable for all control references descent.

Synchronizer – allows you to adjust the voltage, frequency and phase of the generator to sync with the bar.

Software for parameterization with user-friendly interface enabling effect adjustment, programming and monitoring of all functions of the regulator.

Function follower of reference between regulators in dual channel topology or between operation modes in single channel topology, so that transfers between channels or between operation modes on the same regulatory occur smoothly.

Ogică programmable, allowing you to configure the function of the digital inputs / outputs and analog, create internal logic functions using logic gates, timers, latch’s etc.

Reactive power sharing between machines.

Detection of rotating diode failure.

“Command resets reactive” to allow opening of the circuit breaker with minimum current armor.

Ability to update the firmware via serial communication port.