We want to leave the world better than we found.

In accordance to Apple, every day we work hard to reduce the impact of climate change. Thus we must always seek innovation and this is what comes Grameyer also seeking over the years, always trying to serve its customers and winning new with what’s best: His capacity for innovation, quality and environmental awareness. And for this year, which will complete Grameyer twenty-seven years, the company of Santa Catarina will have great participation in the Solar Energy market, incorporating and developing equipment dedicated to this sector. This power option seeks the best for people and the environment. This form of alternative energy is a renewable and clean source, poses no pollution index, and has brought benefits in homes and businesses. With the advancement and creation of products, Grameyer been working to improve quality of life of the planet and avoiding higher spending power, solar energy will be a great ally to this cause. An example that we can adopt when working in environmental awareness is the Silicon Valley company, Apple, in that world news is making look at the world in a better way. The position of this North American company was highlighted here for their ideals since its founding. Ideals that are much admired by people oriented technology. Watch the full story on http://www.apple.com/environment/ We finished with a slice of raw apple. And do not forget the importance of a cleaner planet ideal for life. “For us, climate change is already happening. And this is a serious problem. We are a global company that makes some of the best known products in the world. Know that use lots of energy and material, and this generates emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. This is part of the problem that we can help solve. found ways to use energy and materials more efficiently in our facilities, how to get energy from cleaner sources and do some of the electronics with consumption of more energy efficient world. yet we are the only company in our industry whose data centers run on 100% renewable energy, and whose product line not only meets, but exceeds the stringent standards of eNERGY STAR. Though we have a long road ahead, our efforts are working. Same manufacturing and selling this product, our carbon emissions by product continue to decline. “Image source: www.apple.com